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“Oh give thanks to the LORD; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples! Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works!”

Psalm 105:1-2

Throughout Scripture we find the importance of history. History enables us to:

  • Recall what God has done. It nurtures a God-centered spirit of praise.
  • Recall lessons needed. It nurtures a self-effacing spirit of humility.
  • Recall successes realized. It nurtures a future-leaning spirit of encouragement.

Some of the biblical passages which immediately come to mind in this regard are Joshua 24 and Psalm 106.

Accordingly, we begin update a timeline here to keep track of the progress of the ministry:


March 18, first From His Fullness presentation, at Grant Reformed Church, Grant, Michigan.

February 12, the From His Fullness LinkedIn page set up.

February 5, the first issue of the From His Fullness newsletter was sent out to an email distribution list of 176 recipients.

January 1, Doug Brink takes up the invitation to join the board of directors. Whereas the board overseas the financial, administrative, and strategic elements of the ministry, the eldership of Little Farms Chapel (OPC) provides spiritual support and accountability. As an elder of Little Farms Chapel, Doug Brinks serves especially as a liaison between the board of directors and the eldership.

Also, January 1, Dr. Tim submits his manuscript Retrieving Adoption: A Study in Biblical Dogmatics to the publisher.


November 14, From His Fullness holds its second board meeting and the first as a public charity. Mr. Doug Brink, Elder at Little Farms Chapel (OPC)attends as an observer.

October 26 through November 10: The second From His Fullness ministry trip, involving networking at the World Reformed Fellowship Reformation 500 Conference at Wittenberg, Germany, ministry reconnaissance in southern Austria, and a visit to the annual meeting of the International Council of the Middle East Reformed Fellowship, Larnaca, Cyprus.  

October 24, From His Fullness is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity.

September 10, completed transfer of church membership from Seventh Reformed Church to Little Farms Chapel (OPC), Coopersville, Michigan.

August 15 ~ September 6: The first From His Fullness ministry trip, to the U.K to preach at Stanton Lees Biblical Convention and to attend the Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference (jointly sponsored by Rutherford House Evangelical Research Trust and the World Reformed Fellowship).

July 5, although enjoying a rolling start, for commemorative purposes From His Fullness officially began on this day, the second anniversary of the passing to glory of Dr. Peter Trumper.

June 20, From His Fullness holds its first board meeting. Pastor Bob Van Manen of Little Farms Chapel (OPC) attends as an observer. A budget, maxim, mission statement, vision statement, core values, objectives, and goals are passed.

June 14, From His Fullness receives formal notification from the Michigan Licensing Bureau that the ministry has been filed.

May 28, the President preaches his final sermon as senior minister of Seventh Reformed Church.

January through May, a Board of Trustees was chosen. The founder members are Steve Lynde, Dr. Terry Slachter (chair), Rahi Soltani, Brenda Trumper (Manager and Women’s Ministry), and Dr. Tim J.R. Trumper (Founder and President). Also, partnerships were agreed with Christian Leaders Institute, Spring Lake, Michigan, Middle East Reformed Fellowship, Reaching America (for publications); Via Christus Ministries (Turkey). From His Fullness Ministries is accepted as a member organization of the World Reformed Fellowship.

January 25, a letter of proposal is sent out, seeking to ascertain the Lord’s will in regard to a three-year commitment to enable the launching of From His Fullness Ministries. These receive the funds and insurance needed to begin.

January 3, a letter goes to the Consistory, notifying the intent to step aside at the end of May, at the completion of ten years as senior minister (the joint-second longest tenure in the history of Seventh Reformed Church).


The original vision combines with a developing burden to minister to the wider global church.The logo for From His Fullness is created and the decision made, in discussion  with the Eldership and Consistory of Seventh Reformed Church, to step aside as senior minister.


July 18, Peter Trumper’s funeral and memorial bulletin includes reference to the desire to further his legacy.

July 5, Peter Trumper is called home from Holywell, Wales.


From His Fullness website was launched. From His Fullness began as a desire to honor Dr. Peter Trumper during his years homebound with multiple sclerosis. No longer able to preach nor much later to write, thought went into furthering his legacy.