The Board of Directors

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Founded in 2017, From His Fullness has begun with a small staff and Board of Trustees. The staff are also Board members, but are involved in the daily running of the ministry. Each staff and Board Member is a member in good standing of a Reformed congregation or classis. While we follow the guidelines established by the Michigan Bureau of Licensing and for non-profit ministries (application in process), we are a fellowship in Christ:

Mr. Doug Brink, Board Member (not in the photo). Doug is an elder of Little Farms Chapel (Orthodox Presbyterian Church), Coopersville, Michigan.

Mr. Steve Lynde, Board Member (first, right). Steve is a Certified Public Accountant and an elder of Seventh Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dr. Terry Slachter, Chair of the Board of Trustees (first, left). Terry is the Executive Director of Reaching America Ministries and Ephesians 3:20 Publishing, and is Minister of Lamont Christian Reformed Church, Lamont Michigan.

Mr. Rahi Soltani, Board Member (second, right). Rahi is an elder and Director of the Farsi Media Ministry of Seventh Reformed Church (in partnership with the Middle East Reformed Fellowship).

Mrs. Brenda Trumper, Staff and Board Member (second left). Brenda  serves From His Fullness as Manager and through women’s ministry. Brenda is a member of Little Farms Chapel (OPC), Coopersville Michigan. For more on Brenda, click on Staff.

Dr. Tim J.R. Trumper, Staff and Board Member (Middle). Tim serves From His Fullness as Founder and President through preaching, teaching, and publishing. Tim is former senior minister of Seventh Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan (2007-2017) and is a member of Little Farms Chapel (OPC), Coopersville, Michigan. For more on Tim, click on Staff.