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The following obituary appeared in the September 2015 issue of Evangelicals Now


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To the surprise of many – not least to himself – Dr Trumper lived to become an octogenarian. Although housebound with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for the last 25 years, his life was fascinating, memorable and glorifying to God.

Born in Chatham, Kent, on 28 July, 1934, he spent his earliest days in Cardiff. Taught by George Thomas, the future Speaker of the House of Commons, he became Dean Scholar of the choir at Llandaff Cathedral, and entered the College of Music at Cardiff Castle. During these years he made records in the HMV studio in London, sung on radio, and went on to debut in film and to appear in various theatres in England.

Yet, disaffected by the spiritual life of the cathedral, he turned atheist by his late teens. In 1954, however, a college production in which he was to play Jesus was shelved under the courageous influence of fellow student Maureen Jenkins (later Maureen Gilmore, missionary to Sicily). The boycott led to a lifelong fascination with the written and living Word of God (John 5.39) – a fascination he conveyed to acquaintances like Anthony Hopkins, whom he took to hear Dr J. Sidlow Baxter.

Preaching ministry

Eventually, he handed in his Equity Card. It was returned to him with the words, ‘You’ll need this again’! Instead, he trained for the ministry in Aberystwyth and in 1961 accepted a call to Pembrokeshire. Of him, Dr Lloyd-Jones said: ‘There’s a man by the name of Trump, Trump, Trumpet and by all accounts he’s busy blowing it!’ He became, reputedly, the first to secede from the English-speaking sector of the Presbyterian Church in Wales, founding Bethany Free Church, Clarbeston Road. In 1982 he was called to Holywell Evangelical Church, North Wales, where MS forced his retirement at the close of 1986.

Dr Trumper served the Protestant Truth Society as Wycliffe Preacher, 1968–85. In 1987 he founded the Vocal Protestants’ International Fellowship, editing Rallying Cry! (later renamed 1521). His mantra – ‘If you are thinking what I am saying, then why not say it?’ – encouraged public witness to the glory of Christ. His books include As Far as to BethanyThey Beheld His GloryGlory over CalvaryOn the Eve of Atonement andBreakfast on the Beach.

Valiant for truth

Peter Trumper died on Sunday morning, 5 July, 2015 and is interred at Bethany Free Church. God made him a powerful preacher, Mr Valiant for Truth, and an intercessor extraordinaire. He began his adult life modelling clothes, but lived it modelling Christ. He loved his wife ‘Maggie,’ his best and longest-serving carer.

Dr Tim J R Trumper, Seventh Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan.;

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