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June 2017

Ministry Update

May 31, 2017, marked the completion of a decade of service at Seventh Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the closure of my tenure as senior minister. Simultaneously, my eight and a half years serving as a monthly panelist on TCT’s Ask the Pastor program came to an end, since the head office permits only senior ministers to appear on the panel. I take this opportunity, then, to thank the staff, elders, deacons, and church family at “Seventh” for the opportunity to have worshiped and served with them, as also the brothers and sisters at TCT’s Allendale studio for all the love and time together working on the “Ask the Pastor” program. I shall miss both privileges and the people with whom I have served. The same goes for Brenda who, yesterday, also completed her years of service as secretary to the pastoral staff and elders.

Now we turn our attention to the July launch of From His Fullness Ministries. The Flier supplies the details of the ministry, sufficient to say that over recent years we have felt led led to exchange ministry in our city of churches for ministry in the global city where the supply of preachers, teachers, and women’s ministry leaders is more scarce. Although the ministry will begin slowly due to contractual obligations to complete a substantial book by the end of the year, we are excited to envision what 2018 will hold, Lord willing, in terms of engaging the cause of Christ in different parts of the world. May God be glorified in all these endeavors.


January 2017

Ministry Announcement

It has bee7th Logo [Yellow]n a welcome privilege since 2007 to serve as Senior Minister of Seventh Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan. However, Brenda and I have felt led of the Lord to step aside after ten full years. We do so, first, for a successor to take the current direction of the church further, now that a path has been established and signposts erected for the fulfilment of the mission and vision; and, secondly, to carve out some time for writing before taking up our next assignment from the Lord. For further information, see my Letter of Intent and the Letter from Consistory.

I shall be available for preaching and teaching opportunities as my responsibilities at the church come to a close. Inquiries about shorter term and longer term ministry opportunities should be sent to fromhisfullness@mail.com.

Brenda and I thank our families, friends, and church family at Seventh Reformed Church for all their support and prayers in what we request of God will be exciting new adventures for the church as well as for us.

We are grateful for your interest. Further developments will be posted in this feed as they unfold.

Warmly in Jesus,

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