The call of God to launch From His Fullness Ministries was discerned through the confluence of various factors.

Scan_20170705 (6)Domestically, the influence of Dr. Peter Trumper (1934-2015) proved implicit. Not only did he resonate in his life and ministry confidence in the Living Word as revealed in the written Word (hence our mission statement), his establishment of the Vocal Protestant’s International Fellowship following his retirement from pastoral ministry with Multiple Sclerosis, demonstrated that the establishment of a ministry was possible and could have a global reach in serving the church. Although operating with a different focus, From His Fullness owns the same biblical truths, seeks to glorify God, shares the same global vision, and seeks to maintain the legacy of Dr. Peter Trumper’s writings.

Practically, From His Fullness arose from Dr. Tim J. R. Trumper’s itinerant exposure to the church on the different continents of the world: Europe, Africa, Asia, and (North) America. Ministering as senior minister of Seventh Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, a city of churches (2007-2017), he became increasingly burdened on account of the needs of the church in other parts of the world, and especially the need for solid teaching. All praise to God for those laboring away faithfully in many parts of the world, but on some continents there is need of much encouragement, and on others of help in mentoring and discipling new converts and church leaders.

Omri JenkinsRecalling his student days and the emphasis of Rev. T. Omri Jenkins, Director of European Mission(ary) Fellowship, on the necessity of indigenous or native mission, and later his time in 2002 in Southeast Asia, learning from Dr. Joseph Tong of Indonesia of the philosophy of indigenous ministry underlying the International Theological Seminary (Los Angeles, CA), Jospeh TongDr. Trumper sought a way of serving the mission of the church while upholding the importance of indigenous ministry. Influential in developing this conviction was the exposure in pastoral ministry to the costs and liabilities of supporting the training of individual students from overseas. Hence, From His Fullness seeks to join with others in offering affordable (chiefly pro bono) education in the native contexts of the world, wherein local church leaders, remaining in the cultures they know best, can translate the teaching into their languages and cultural settings. Furthermore, by teaching in the localized cultures, the teacher grows in cultural and global awareness, and can communicate such lessons at home in the Western setting, with a view to the encouragement of mission-mindedness.

Theologically, as a Christian and Protestant, but distinctively a Reformed ministry, From His Fullness arose from the conviction that the biblical truths summarized afresh in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Europe are to be applied today in the global city of the twenty-first century world. Thus, underlying From His Fullness is a constructive Calvinism which views the heritage of the Reformed faith sympathetic-critically (in that order, neither jettisoning nor idolizing the Reformed heritage), and a concern to transmit its teaching in areas of the world where the Reformed faith has been lost or unknown. For this reason, From His Fullness resonates with the ministry of the World Reformed Fellowship, of which the ministry is a member, and operates as a vehicle through which research into the Reformed faith is ongoing.