Global Map

Today, there are millions of people coming to faith in Christ on different continents of the world. The new converts are hungry for teaching, but there are comparatively few to teach them deeply and reliably. It is said that:

“75% of all Christian believers today live outside the U.S. in the “majority world” . . .—in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Many refer to this area as the “10/40 Window.” The ratio of theologically trained pastors to people in the U.S. is 1:230, whereas the ratio of theologically trained pastors to people outside the U.S. is 1:450,000.   “. . . the number one need and request from missionaries, churches and pastors outside the U.S. is for pastoral and leadership training.”[1]  

Accordingly, From His Fullness Ministries seeks to join a revolution occurring in theological education, by offering affordable courses for pastors, church leaders, and their wives in their native context. They can then take the knowledge imparted, translating it in ways which communicate in their own language and setting.

Currently, it takes tens of thousands of dollars to bring one student to study for ministry in the U.S. Of those students, some never return to their homeland, and those who do, are considered elite and therefore struggle to minister effectively to the local people in a way relevant to their culture.

In contrast to the tremendous growth of the church in the “majority world,” there is significant need of the revitalization of the church in the West. When there is fresh filling with the Spirit there is renewed commitment to outreach and apologetics (the defense of the faith). From His Fullness seeks to promote this revitalization in North America and Europe, following centuries of decay.

[1] Nick Moore, “Theological Famine in the Majority World,”, accessed July 29, 2016.