From His Fullness Ministries seeks to fulfill her mission and to realize her vision by:

  1. Receiving from the fullness of Christ’s grace and truth and growing therein, grace upon grace.

         We take in so as to give out.

  1. Prioritizing the neediest and hungriest mission fields of the world.

         We prioritize those regions neediest for, and hungriest on account of, reformation           and revival.

  1. Proclaiming in dependence on the Spirit the unrivaled beauty and riches of “the only son from the Father”.

         We uphold the primacy of the preaching of the gospel.

      4. Providing rich, affordable, in-person, theological instruction for pastors, church               leaders, and women, in their native content.

          We seek to strengthen indigenous pastors, teachers, and sisters working in                    women’s ministry for their equipping of the saints for the work of ministry.

       5. Publishing researched material at devotional and scholarly levels, for the                      seeker, the Christian, and the theologian.

           We seek to put in more permanent form the ministry of the spoken word.

  1. Partnering with like-minded churches and ministries to serve the global church effectively and to fulfill the mission.

         We pursue the synergism of the body of Christ in the fulfilling of the Great                        Commission.

  1. Returning to inform pastors and churches in the developed world with a knowledge of the spread of the kingdom globally.

         We seek to encourage and to inspire the church domestically to participate in the            Great Commission locally and globally.

Passed by the Board of Directors, June 20, 2017