How You May Help

From His Fullness seeks to glorify God by promoting fellowship in the spread of the gospel and the strengthening of the church globally. As we are blessed to partner with longer established ministries of similar outlook and theology, so we welcome your partnership as fellow workers in the gospel of the Lord Jesus.


Never underestimate prayer! The prayers of the saints are, from God’s vantage point, “golden bowls full of incense” (Rev. 5:8). Eternity will likely tell that prayer is the greatest work of the church on earth. As the saying goes, “We do not pray for the work, rather prayer is the work!”

Specifically, we welcome at this time your prayers for:

  • A successful conclusion of From His Fullness’ application for 501 (c) 3 (nonprofit) status.
  • Direction in the fields to visit and the churches to serve through preaching and teaching.
  • The Lord’s guidance in the books to write and republish.
  • The funding to venture into the area of broadcasting.


We welcome your participation! Holy Scripture says, “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it” (Ps. 68:11 [KJV]). So, here are some ways we would be glad of your help and fellowship in promoting the gospel globally:

  • Submission of your testimony. If you are a member in good standing of the Christian church and are in sympathy with our subordinate standards and core values, then why not share in 600 to 1000 words, for publication on our website, how you came to know God through Jesus Christ. We would need your agreement to copy edit the testimony, a photo of you to go with the testimony, as well as the phone number of a pastor or elder as reference.
  • Volunteering of skills in translation. As God leads, we would be glad to make this online ministry center multilingual in line with the global scope of the vision of From His Fullness. If you are a linguist, have experienced skills in translation, and are willing to offer them pro bono to aid the ministry of From His Fullness, we would love to hear from you.
  • Enlisting your church to engage your community. We are praying through the distribution of a free contemporary evangelistic newspaper for churches to distribute in their communities. We’ll have more to say about this should it proceed, but you may check out what we have in mind from The Way written and edited by Dr. Tim for Seventh Reformed Church. This newspaper is mailed to 3000 homes around the church. While the actual paper will cost your church family nothing, would your church leadership consider taking on such a mailing? Who knows how God may use it to benefit the outreach of your congregation!
  • Financial contribution. At From His Fullness Ministries we are challenged by the example of George Mueller to prioritize faith and prayer in looking to the LORD to meet the needs of his work. We are also encouraged along these lines by the observation of Hudson Taylor of the China Inland Mission: “God’s work, done in God’s way, shall never lack God’s supply.” While we do not have all worked out as to what this means, we are convinced that it is by accenting God’s sovereignty that we learn whether the work he has brought into being is pleasing to him, is proceeding according to his pace, and does not outlive God’s purposes for it. Which is all to say, that we are not interested in techniques of fundraising. If you  wish to learn more about the ministry, we are happy to share with you. If the Spirit  of God prompts you to give toward the work, then contributions may be made by check to “From His Fullness Ministries” and sent to  840, Oakhurst Ave., NW,  Grand Rapids, MI 49504, U.S.A.

Please feel free to call us on (001) 616-608-4001 with any questions or suggestions about other ways to participate.

In inviting your partnership in the gospel, we recall the words of the Preacher: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might, for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in the grave to which you are going” (Eccles. 9:10). The missionary C. T. Studd, writing in these last days, famously said, “One life, will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

The Lord bless you in your ministry for Him!