As Far As to Bethany



As far as to Bethany

As Far As To Bethany (Clarbeston Road, Pembrokeshire): A Personal View of a Remarkable Period, 1962-1970 (2000)

Copies are free upon reception of donation in pounds sterling for packaging and posting from Bethany Evangelical Church, Clarbeston Road, Pembrokeshire.


Readers’ Comments:

“I am almost at the end of reading your account of your time in Pembrokeshire and what a delight it has been to read again. It has gripped me in a wonderful way and God has truly been with me as I’ve read it.”

 “I have recently read [it] again for the third time . . . . Each time I enjoyed it more.”

“Thank you for the book, which I read with gratitude to God for being so gracious to a fledgling minister, and for bringing others into his kingdom by your means. At times the narrative is really thrilling, when we read of God making those who ‘re not’ bright jewels in his crown.”

“I found your book very inspiring.”

“Once I started reading it I was unable to put it down . . . . I wanted you to know what a blessing to me was your book, as it reminded me that He is faithful and raises up His witness even though Satan contests every inch of ground. The stand you took was worth the cost and I know it was heavy.”

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