Breakfast On the Beach

Breakfast On the Beach: The Empty Tomb and Subsequent Glory (Evangelical Press, 1999)

Breakfast on the Beach


“Quite compelling” (Banner of Truth Magazine)

“I found it compelling and instructive reading, and I recommend you read it for yourself . . . . The writer’s skills in opening up and bringing together with clarity and evident conviction the sequence of all the associated circumstances, the related prophecies and the assurance of promises yet to come will lead you to rejoice.” (Evangelical Presbyterian)

“The style is graphic and imaginative in the very best sense, and will hold the reader from the first page . . . . Preachers might also draw guidance and find signposts herein.” (English Churchman)

“The result is a warm, satisfying devotional work which brings the record of Jesus’ ministry after the resurrection  to life in an attractive manner.” (The Monthly Record [Free Church of Scotland])

“Any believer who is spiritually hungry should read this book, together with the Bible to hand. He will find himself in God’s banqueting house. I most enthusiastically recommend this book.” (The Gospel Magazine)

“The subject matter is of vital importance to all thinking Christians, and this book should prove to be a blessing to such.” (Christian Bookshop Journal)

“As Trumper brings the historical facts contained in the gospel records to life, your understanding and gratefulness for these astounding events which surround the resurrection of the Lord Jesus will be increased and enlivened.” (Trinity Book Service)

“This book will surely deepen the understanding and strengthen the faith of those who read it and is warmly recommended.” (Our Inheritance)


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