On the Eve of Atonement

On the Eve of the Atonement (Evangelical Press, 1994)

On the Eve of the Atonement


“It would be no cliche to describe these pages as a ‘rich tapestry’ . . . . The style is graphic . . . this book cannot be recommended too highly.” (Evangelicals Now)

“Dr Trumper is at home with his subject . . .  . This is a good book and I warmly recommend it to our readers.” (The Monthly Record [The Free Church of Scotland])

“This is an unusual book . . . Dr Trumper has obviously done some careful research and we benefit from this in the way of facts of first century Jewish and Roman life are skillfully woven into the narrative.” (Evangelical Times)

“There is no modern work like this . . . . In vivid, moving prose and suitable for all levels of reader.” (Evangelical Press)

“The pen of Dr Trumper has given us a warmly-written narrative of the twenty-four hours leading to the death of the Lord Jesus on the cross.” (Evangelical Magazine)

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