They Beheld His Glory

They Beheld His Glory (Bridgend: Bryntirion Press, 1990)

They Beheld His Glory


“Don’t forget to buy two ~ having read it you will want to give one away.” (Grace Magazine)

“Beautiful insights into the birth of Christ.” (The Rock [Australia])

“Well worth commending.” (The Banner of Truth magazine)

“A book written with a beautiful style of intimacy . . . . I read this book with a delightful feel of being present at each scene.” (The Stand [New Zealand])

“This is a book in which the heart of the story teller, the ability of the preacher, and the knowledge of the scholar, are synchronised together in a most acceptable and readable form. Dr Trumper in his own inimitable manner, sets forth people and incidents surrounding the birth of Christ in a somewhat different light than that which most people are accustomed . . .  . I heartily recommend the book as being highly suitable for a devotional study” (Old Paths)

“A particularly pleasing feature of the book is the use made of source texts, both of the Old Testament prophecies and New Testament narrative, in weaving this enlightening and heart-warming study.” (The Monthly Record [Free Church of Scotland])

“This is an unusual and remarkable book.” (English Churchman)

“The author draws upon his vast knowledge of Scripture, and employs his vivid imagination and descriptive flair.” (Evangelical Magazine)

“A superb devotional study on the birth of Jesus through the eyes of those who were there.” (Evangelical Times)

“It deserves to be read and re-read throughout the year.” (Evangelical Press of Wales)

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