Publication: THE WAY

FHF THE WAY [Ad 1]Go therefore and make disciples of all nations . . .  (Matthew 28:19).

Coming this June!

THE WAY ~ a free, downloadable, evangelistic publication for use by individuals, churches and ministries, nationally and internationally.

In our travels, we have come across many churches in the West looking to impact their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. These churches are faithful stewards of the gospel, but are looking to grow in effectiveness in making Christ known. From His Fullness does not have all the answers, but is providing THE WAY free of charge to churches, ministries, and individuals.

THE WAY has been inspired by the multiple community publications Dr. Peter Trumper produced for the churches he served, culminating with The Holywell Herald which went to 3,000 homes around the town during his tenure as minister of Holywell Evangelical Church (1982-1986). Recalling the impact which The Holywell Herald had on discussions of the gospel in the town, Dr. Tim Trumper added THE WAY to the ministry of Seventh Reformed Church, Grand Rapids. Likewise, it was sent to 3,000 homes around the church. We now wish to run with the idea, publishing a From His Fullness edition for use nationally and internationally, and are looking into distributing the way in multiple languages.

We invite you, then, to pray through your use of THE WAY. The prior editions of THE WAY published by Seventh Reformed Church afford an idea of what From His Fullness will be publishing as from June, LORD willing:

The Way [No 1 Summer 2016]

The Way [No 2 September 2016]

The Way No 3 December 2016

The Way [No 4 February 2017]

The Way [No 5 April 2017]

The Way [No 6 June 2017]

To learn more, click here: Sign-up information. We welcome your help in spreading the word about the availability of THE WAY to support local ministries in fulfilling the Great Commission. Thank you for your partnership in the gospel of our Lord Jesus.