Sermon Series


Seventh Pulpit

The following sermon series were mainly preached as senior minister of Seventh Reformed Church, 2007-2017 and were broadcast the same day on  WFUR FM-102.9 (Sundays 11-12 a.m. and 7-8:10 p.m). 

To access, click on the links below:

Short Series (10 sermons maximum)

A Man Called Lot, Part One and Part Two

A More Excellent Way

As Were the Days of Noah

Christmas Lessons from John

Discovering and Rediscovering Jesus

Encouragement in Christ

God’s Presence in History (10 sermons)

Journeying with Jonah

Learning to Crucify the Spirit of Complaint

Lift High the Cross

One Thing I Do

Principles of Impenitence

The New Birth Examined and The New Birth Applied

What of the Unevangelized?

When Christ Came


Medium Series (11+ sermons)

Introducing Spiritual Warfare

Tackling and Tending

The Ten Commandments (12 sermons)

Long Series (Longer book-length studies)

First-Century Lessons for the Twenty-First Century Church

Paul’s Letter of Liberty

The Good News We Gossip (Mark’s Gospel, 70 sermons)


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