Prayers of Adoration

Crops and Industry Service, 2015

A Prayer of Adoration

We come to you, the God beside whom there is none other! The God who has nullified our desire for another! You are God, who simply is, the one without beginning and without end, without need and without support. You have forever been who you are—love, holiness, righteousness, truth, justice, mercy, and goodness, in your being and the tri-unity of your persons, simultaneously. You are all glorious, and have always been so, and forever will be.

We can adore you for who you are, our God, because you have revealed yourself to us. You speak to every last one of us, every day, all day, and in all places of your creation.[1] Yet you have revealed yourself to us supremely in the Lord Jesus.

Lord Jesus, you were appointed as our Mediator before the foundation of the world; heralded in old covenant times by the prophets; “enfleshed” in the incarnation; set apart by your perfect obedience to your holy law; uniquely our priest as both offerer and offering; raised like none other for our justification, and ascended to heaven from whence you continually intercede for us. You guarantee thereby our perseverance unto eternity to come.

It is in Christ, your Son and our Savior, our Father, that you have become ours—the one to whom alone the name “Father” essentially belongs, and whose Fatherhood includes all that is best of the maternal.[2] Abba,[3] you have graciously and voluntarily chosen us in Christ Jesus from eternity past,[4] you gave up your Son to the death of the cross,[5] and in accepting his sacrifice for our sins you have raised him to life as our assurance that there is now no condemnation to us who are in Christ Jesus.[6] You have adopted us into your household, making us your sons (and daughters) in union with your Son, and have called us to live in gratitude obedient lives. We do so, not solely out of duty, but out of delight, and in adoration of your greatness and goodness.

For this delight, we bless you, Holy Spirit. You have brought us to life by a new birth, drawn us to Jesus, inspiring in us a saving faith which rests on him alone, all the while nurturing repentance in us through the conviction of personal sin. You have united us to the Savior, placing on our lips the name “Father,” and inspiring us to pray. You prompt us now to come apart from the world and the cares of the day, you turn our gaze to Jesus, magnifying his work undertaken on our behalf, and you fight with and for us against the flesh,[7] witnessing to our spirits that we are your children.[8] One day, in the full harvest of your ministry, our bodies shall be raised from death and decay, and, by your power, we shall live the resurrected life of the new earth to come.

In light of who you are in your being and your persons, your character and glory, and on account of your glorious works of creation, providence, and redemption, we come in confidence to beseech you on behalf of our city, our region, our nation, and our world, to bless our crops and industry; for, notwithstanding the sins of your church and of your world, you have promised that seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.[9] Compelled by your integrity, we humbly ask in faith that our prayers will be heard. We do so, for the honor of your name, our Father; on account of your intercession, Lord Jesus; and in consequence of your prompting, dear Holy Spirit. Amen.

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