MI House of Reps

Michigan House of Representatives

October 17, 2013

The following prayer was offered as an opening invocation at the Michigan House of Representatives on October 17, 2013, at the kind invitation of Representative Rob VerHeulen of the 74th District:

Our Eternal God,

You are the fountain of the life and wisdom we need, the Governor of your creation and of our history. We praise you for your compassion in our weakness and for your longsuffering in our sinfulness. We thank you that you have not left us to ourselves, for you govern through these House leaders and representatives you’ve ordained, and have taught your church to intercede for “all who are in high positions,” since this is “good and pleasing” in your sight.

We honor you for their gifts, experiences, and opportunities to serve the public good. We bless you for every honest intent, constructive action, and bi-partisan overture. We rejoice in each shared burden, cooperative gesture, honest analysis, and edifying speech. We thank you for resultant laws which structure well the freedoms of the people.

We humbly petition you, dear God, to lead these honorable representatives in prioritizing issues addressed. We pray for the spotting of relevant expertise, and for wisdom in tackling the thorny social and economic issues of the day. Grant these representatives clear reasoning, worthy convictions, uninhibited courage, supportive family and colleagues, a fair-minded media and a prayerful electorate. Bless them with God-consciousness, causing them to seek you for wisdom for themselves and for rapport with their constituents.

Your power alone, O God, can change human hearts, but we pray that the laws passed may be rendered effective by your Spirit, strengthening businesses, public servants, and local communities. Conversely, restrain in our State the evils of corruption, violence, injustice and oppression. Hear our burden for our inner cities—for an increase of sound jobs, order, vibrancy, harmony, and hope. Please bless our nation through a strong Michigan.

All this I ask through Jesus Christ, whose death is key to the forgiveness and cleansing of our persons and our service, and whose exaltation makes possible the empowerment to operate in ways which please you. Amen.

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