PA State Senate Prayer

Senate of Pennsylvania, Capitol Building, Harrisburg

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Eternal God,

We come reverently before you today, conscious that we are small in your sight and have fallen short of your glory. Yet, in your mercy and your compassion, you call us to draw near to you. We do so humbly and gladly, in thankfulness for stable government and for the peace and prosperity we have generally enjoyed.

We beseech you that your blessing may rest upon these public servants. We thank you for them. Help them to govern aright. Grant them the insight of your Spirit into the issues with which they wrestle. Burden their hearts increasingly with the desire for honest investigation and presentation of fact. Help them to manage well loyalty to party with faithfulness to the common good. Resolve for them, we pray, conundra that test to the limits, and beyond, the abilities of their human minds, and enable them to bring forth laws that concur with your will and are pleasing in your sight. Grant them protection, O God, from the temptations of power, and cause them to grow in satisfaction as they work for the enhancement of this Commonwealth. Impress upon them not only their accountability to the electorate, but ultimately their accountability to you. Protect, we beseech you, the unity of their marriages, and the welfare of their children; and grant them the benefit of a responsible media.

Finally, we call upon you for those of our Armed Forces from this Commonwealth serving you today in great danger. Watch over them we pray, grant their service success. Work good in their hearts through the trauma of their experiences, and return them in safety to their loved ones. For those families that grieve we ask your great grace.

All these things I ask in the name of Jesus, through his merits, and by the enabling of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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