It’s been said that “plagiarism is stealing from one, research from many.” Ironically, I don’t recall who said that, but if I did I’d be sure to tell you! For if something is worth repeating, it’s only fair to the originator of the saying or statement to provide the source and location.

As I build the following on-line collection of quotations I seek to:

Honor God. The quotations are worth repeating not first and foremost because they are catchy ~ they may or may not be ~ but because they are true to Scripture.

Honor the respective authors. It’s important that the quotations are true to their context.

Honor the reader. The quotes must be true to life. If true to Holy Scripture then they will be.

The collection is naturally but a sample of what has been read over the years. The various subjects are listed alphabetically. With longer quotations (LQ) I have in some instances merely noted for now the reference. The sources are predominantly from the church fathers, as these are the authors I am reading as the work of collecting the quotes gets going.


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